Worldwide distributors are welcomed

EYEART Laboratories at the forefront of visual correction, presents the optical aid SLIM-far.

 A worldwide innovation in the optics field.

SLIM is addressed to people with low vision, needing an optical aid which combines effectiveness, comfort and discretion

SLIM-far can be fitted to any frame the patients desires, offering the aesthetics he prefers and the same time effective magnified vision.

SLIM combines viewing comfort, being able to be fitted to designer frames, maintaining the important peripheral field of view, so the patient moves around. At the same time can be transformed to certified designer sunglass.

SLIM's optical design is the results of latest technology and research from EYEART Laboratories offering maximum robustness with minimal weight.


Properties and capabilities of SLIM far vision aid are unique:


Can be fitted to any optical frame


May be used indoors or outdoors with ease


Can be instantly transformed to ideal sunglasses, offering protection to UV radiation as well as indispensable discretion.